Why you should choose Casey Realty

We only deal with property management.  In this ever-changing economy and real estate market, people want the security of dealing with a professional who puts all of their energy in to one field.  We have dedicated ourselves to learning every aspect of property management.  The last few years have seen changes that no one would have ever imagined.  We take these challenges and turn them into learning opportunities.


We continue to receive referrals on a daily basis from area REALTORSâ who handle the sales market.  They refer people to our office with the confidence that we will meet whatever need their client may have.


We have an answering service, which picks up our calls 24 hours a day.  In an emergency, we have immediate access to property information and vendors with in the area that work to get the problem resolved.


We look for new and innovative ways to locate short-term tenants for our seasonal rentals all year round.  Our owners have learned to be flexible in the pricing during the off season and the owners have a better chance of getting a tenant. We have worked with local companies, doctors, universities, and trade schools to maximize our owner’s rental income.


We are proud of our website www.sarasotaspropertymanager.com.  We have received positive feedback to this innovative form of advertising.


We have Internet capabilities through many of the organizations to which we belong.  We have all of our properties in the MLS, which also has Internet access.  The Chamber of Commerce, Women’s Council of Realtors and many other organizations to which our company belongs, also have web sites where our company and individual REALTORSâ can be located.  We receive emails on a daily basis requesting rental information. 


We work as a team. If you ever have an urgent question you can feel comfortable that one of our staff will find the answer in a timely matter.